As summer winds down, you’ve probably used your share of air conditioning like many Americans. According to Gitnux, roughly 55% of homes in the U.S. have central air conditioning systems. Air conditioning services are essential if you want to keep your unit functioning at all times, so it’s always available whenever you need to cool your home off. Here are a few reasons you may need to get such services.

1. Health

Do you sometimes begin to cough or sneeze inexplicably once you’re inside the home? Maybe allergens are floating around in the air that can result from an HVAC unit without a clean filter. Your AC doesn’t just supply cool air, it’s also meant to circulate clean air and filter it so you can breathe properly. Healthy air at home helps reduce the risk of asthma, respiratory infections, allergies, as well as mold exposure.

2. Fewer Bills

It’s no secret that your AC unit can use a lot of energy, and the more energy you use, the higher the bills will be. The amount of energy your HVAC system uses goes beyond how long or how high you have it turned on. If your AC system is outdated or not functioning well due to a lack of maintenance, it’ll take more energy to produce air.

3. Comfort

Sitting in a sweltering house during the hot days of summer can be hard, especially for older people, little kids, and pets. With a functioning air conditioning unit, everyone in the house can remain cool and comfortable regardless of how hot it is outside. In addition to regulating the temperature, an AC can help keep humidity levels down.

4. Maintenance

Regardless of how new your AC unit is, you must keep up with regular maintenance and inspection schedules. These services are responsible for checking your system to ensure everything is always functioning, cleaning out the filters, replacing malfunctioning parts, doing tune-ups, and any necessary troubleshooting. The work of an AC technician can extend the life of your unit, so it can last closer to the 15-year mark versus the 10-year mark.

As you can see, you have many reasons to enlist the services of HVAC professionals. They’ll keep your AC running smoothly all year long, so it’s always available whenever you need to turn it on. If it’s time to inspect or do a tune-up on your AC, call your local HVAC company today.