Your air conditioner is a marvel of modern engineering that simply works without the consumer understanding exactly how it works. However, to the inquisitive and curious minds out there, the magic that is an air conditioner may be of interest. The video embedded describes how an AC system works and gives a look into how an AC repair company may repair an appliance.

The air conditioning unit has a fan that draws in air from the environment.

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This air is circulated around the appliance to expose it to a refrigerant material that causes the air to cool quickly. The refrigerant takes heat from the air and expels it through the radiator built into the unit. This causes the air temperature to drop, allowing it to be pumped throughout the home via ducts.

A blower exhausts the cold air to each room of the house that has an open vent. This allows for greater control of where the air will reach to actually cool. Vents near the floor are often used to exhaust cold air, and vents near the ceiling are used to intake warmer air to be recirculated through the system. After the reuptake, the air flows back through the unit and compressor to be cooled again.

This is a general overview of how air conditioning systems work within a home. If you expect there are issues with your system, contact an AC repair company for an expert opinion.