If you’re a homeowner, you’re likely to experience HVAC airflow problems, in one way or another. Since you’re not an expert, it’s nearly impossible for you to diagnose all the causes of those issues properly.

In this video, you’ll learn a thing or two about some of the underlying causes of HVAC airflow issues. Remember, you’ll always need an expert to help you out with fixing your HVAC unit. This video only helps you to understand those causes.

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Here are common symptoms of air duct problems:

1. Blocked condenser unit
According to the video, the number one cause of airflow issues is debris and leaves. In most cases, they accumulate inside the unit incrementally. And if you don’t clean it, guess what happens? They obstruct airflow. The best way to avoid this from happening: constantly clean your unit.

2. Obstruct vents
The second common cause of HVAC airflow problems is blocked vents. For instance, if there is furniture or any other object that has blocked your HVAC unit, there are likely to be airflow issues. How to avoid this? Well, remove any object that could potentially block it. That’s all.

3. Check your filters
When was the last time you checked the filters of your HVAC unit? The video explains that if your filters are clogged it will affect your airflow as well. Not only will your unit blow cold air when you expect hot air, but it might blow stuffy air as well.