HVAC companies install, repair, and service heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Most specialize in commercial or residential systems, and like all service providers, they need to attract and retain clients to succeed. That means employees of HVAC companies involved in selling their services should be able to quickly answer questions about their company’s capabilities and qualifications.

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There are common questions residential customers can ask HVAC companies when qualifying them to determine whether they want to work with them. An initial question or two concerns whether the technicians are certified and involved in continuing education. Most technicians will have been trained and certified through a junior college or HVAC institute and have certificates to demonstrate they completed the coursework. Meanwhile, the manufacturers of the HVAC systems make continuing education available to their vendors’ employees so they are up to speed on their newest products.
Another question concerns their willingness to provide references for customers in your area. Firms with at least a few years of work history will provide references without a problem. As a potential future customer, it is worth contacting references and asking them about their experience, whether they encountered problems, and, if so, whether and how they resolved the issue. How they interacted with the customer to solve the problem is as important as the final resolution.