Are you curious about what causes low indoor airflow on furnaces and air conditioners? We have the answers to that here. Keep reading to learn more about what an HVAC service might diagnose for you today.

This is an issue because it can impact the quality of your air. One of the most common issues is a dirty air filter.

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This occurs after years of use, especially if you’ve never had your filters changed before. Make sure to have these regularly changed, and make sure that all the filters in a building are replaced. If not, you’ll continue to have issues with low air flow and quality.

Another issue can happen inside of an air handler cabinet. If the insulation is not held firmly against the cabinet wall, the insulation will trap the air in the blower motor. This is often overlooked, because not many people are aware of the issues loose insulation can pose.

Your air flow will also be stopped by a dirty blower wheel. You can use a brush to carefully clean that out. It should be as smooth as possible so the air flows freely.

There are more issues that air ducts can face, and you need to stay on top of maintenance if you want to maintain a safe and healthy commercial property. Don’t overlook low air flow issues. It could be a sign of worse issues with your system. Look into a reputable HVAC service to make sure you’re getting everything you need out of your HVAC system today!